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Whether you have one room to decorate or a grand remodeling project, we’ve got a huge selection of top-quality Modular & Broadloom Carpets, Luxury Vinyl Tiles, Rubber & Resilient Flooring, Sports Flooring, Area Rugs and Self Leveling & Wear Topping Concrete. Meeting your décor projects needs is our main priority, so check out our inventory for the best flooring and carpet solutions today.


If floor carpeting were a type of art, then the modular carpet is the perfect palette. Modular carpeting is ideal for creating infinite design possibilities, from modern-contemporary shapes and styles, to more conservative monochromatic patterns. The combination of these types of tiles allows designers to select and create the perfect color pattern for the perfect flow.


Whether it’s a timeless classic, or a modern linear pattern, we carry more than 100 broadloom styles that provide enduring beauty and excellent utility performance, in a wide range of designs and colors.


Endless possibilities are feasible when choosing luxury woven vinyl. Almost any texture, color and style can be accomplished with this type of flooring which can also replicate just about any type of surface, such as: wood, stone, marble, concrete or ceramic. Durability is also a plus with luxury woven vinyl, available at a very reasonable price.



This type of flooring is designed to be durable, water and stain-resistant, and comfortable to work and walk on because it possesses a natural springiness. It is much more comfortable to stand on, making resilient flooring a popular choice for kitchens, hospitals, retail outlets and other environments where people spend a lot of time on their feet.



Practicality, beauty and function join forces when selecting rubber flooring. This type of floor is slip-resistant and safe. With rubber flooring, beautiful patterns and colors are created, along with comfort and style. Very pleasant to play on, our sports & rubber flooring systems are resilient and flexible. We offer first-class athletic, indoor and outdoor sports surfaces for basketball and volleyball courts, as well as other athletic and recreational facilities. These are cost-effective and durable options, ideal for gymnasiums, garage floors or wherever there are high-traffic/high-impact areas.



Perfect to decorate small areas and highlight special décor features, we offer a wide variety of area rugs in different styles, sizes and colors as well as custom design, hand-made rugs. Select any combination you like to carefully design and create an elegant and unique, custom-made space for any room.



An increasingly popular choice for architects, designers and homeowners as well, self-leveling concrete floors add a sleek raw finish to any contemporary design. This type of flooring can be as thick as several inches, or very thin, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors for a very sophisticated look and feel. Self –leveling concrete is also the perfect product to prepare any surface before floor coverings get installed.



Promote your company with a Mesh Entrance Carpet.  From T Mouldings to edge guards, we offer different finishing accessories to complete your design.